Purpose statement:

To provide a recommendation on a sustainable interoperable communications infrastructure to support a multi-jurisdictional response to all-hazard related incidents and day to day operations.  Information and recommendations will be provided to both the Mahaska County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the Mahaska County Emergency Management Commission (MCEMC).  The end goal is to develop, and implement, an interoperable, countywide communication system that will serve the emergency responders, county users, and citizens of Mahaska County. 


This committee holds no administrative or financial authority.  The focus is review, recommend, and oversee implementation, if so directed by the BOS or MCEMC.


Members are made up of both elected officials and/or users of the current system.  At any time, the BOS or the MCEMC can appoint or change the structure of the membership.

Current members include:

Jamey Robinson- Chair Mahaska County EMA/911

Josh Stevens- Vice Chair Mahaska County EMA/911

Mark Gronendyk-Mahaska County BOS
Russ Van Renterghem-Mahaksa County Sheriff
Jake McGee-Oskaloosa Police Department
Mark Neff-Oskaloosa fire Department
Sam Maas-Mahaska County Ambulance
Dave Shanahan-Mahaska County Engineer


Meetings of the Communications Committee will be conducted following Roberts Rule of Order.  Meetings date, time, and location will be shared with local media and open to the public.  The committee will appoint a chair and vice chair, Mahaska County EMA will take and share minutes from the meetings which will be posted on the county and EMA website.  This committee is dedicated to providing transparency to all stakeholders and the citizens of Mahaska County.  

Meeting information

Agenda 03/09/2017

Minutes 03/09/2017

Agenda 04/05/2017